Psychosynthesis Therapy
Individual and couple sessions are focused on the issue(s) with which you yourself are concerned; there are no uniform methods or standard techniques invariably employed. Psychosynthesis therapy is tailored to the specific needs of the individual or couple, and is founded in the unique relationship you develop with your therapist. Thus a variety of different approaches may be used depending on what you want to do (e.g., introspection, dialogue, insight, creative expression, inner dialogue, dream work, imagery, sand tray, etc.). The overall aim is to elaborate and deepen your understanding of the issue at hand so that new insights and new actions become possible.

Over the course of therapy, people often develop a stronger contact with their own inner wisdom, become clearer about the nature of their unique path of growth, and discover their own ways of working with life patterns. Issues which have been addressed include: childhood wounding, family-of-origin patterns, addictions, anxiety and depression, relationships, career direction, marriage, creativity, self-exploration, support and growth in 12-Step recovery, spirituality, the search for meaning, and life direction and calling.

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